Subject: Diedesheim,Germany
Hi Connie,

I hate to disappoint you, but we stayed in private homes both visits. We walked around and drove around until we found places with the Zimmer sign out. We were attracted there for the fine wine. We ate at a local place both times, near the private homes. Plain German food and good beer or wine.

There is one really fine hotel there, but we did not even consider it as we were not in the position to pay for that type of hotel. The first time--1977- we stayed with an elderly gentlman and his daughter-in-law and the gentleman, a retired banker, held the ladder while my husband climbed the tree in his back yard to pick cherries for our trip the next day. We spent the evening talking in monosyllables about the war, and other world conditions.

The second time we stayed across the street at a home where the lady really wanted us to stay two nights. Neither of us could communicate verbally but we both surely understood each other. Neither place had a private bath, though I think the second place had a room with a private bath, but it was taken. At this place we sat on a porch overlooking the garden and drank our good wine.

I am sure that these places would be cold that time of the year. However, I found the street name--Weinbachstrasse 7 and the first one was Pension Josephine Krack. The second one was across the street and this other lady was a bit younger when we stayed there a few years later. I can't find that other scrapbook, but it was not very recent, either.

The hotel I remember was the Deidesheimer Hof, Am Marktplatz, 67146 Deidesheim, Fax 6326-76-85, right on the main circle in the village. The price in my somewhat current book is listed as 160/315 DM for a double room. This hotel, as I remember, is a member of a famous group of hotels, nationally known--or was at that time. Maybe Relais and Chateau?? ---Yes it is, and the other book says it is closed Jan 1-6th. Weekly closings Sunday and Monday. The description says: Beautiful Renaissance Manor House overlooking the most picturesque marketplace in the region ...gastronomic delights. I will send you the whole message if you want it.