Subject: Re: Re: Istanbul
Hey, guys, I wouldn't use the term meze restaurant. You're not going to find a so-called meze restaurant. Restaurants serving meals serve meze. You eat meze (mezeler) either as an accompaniment to raki, Turkey's national liquor or you eat them as as pre-dinner tidbits. The **key** here is that if you want to make a meal of these appetizers, well then, do so. Simply order as many varieties as your eyes think you can handle and forego an entre. Go into any restaurant and take a look at the appetizers available, which will be displayed in a similar manner as the Spanish do for their tapas. If you haven't already, take a look at my website's photo gallery of pix I took in Turkey, either researching the book or leading a culinary tour. Two pix were taken at the Feriye. Best, Joan