Subject: Re: First time Italy.
How many days will you have? Without knowing that, I'm at a loss as to how to best answer. If flying in and out of Rome, I'd definitely say spend 2-3 nights there, probably at the end of your trip, so as to be there for your flight home. Florence is only 3 hours by train from Rome, Venice three hours more. How much you want to do of that would depend on age of travelers # is it just you and your husband, or do you have other family members along (less moving around if elderly or very young family members along, being my thought) -- and how many nights total you are divvying up.

You can easily do Capri, Positano or Sorrento while staying in any one of those locations - I don't think you need to plan to stay several nights in each of them in order to do the areas justice on a first trip. Sorrento and Positano are near in driving time, though Sorrento is far larger and while beautiful indeed (and one of my favorite places), not as dramatic in setting as Positano, in my opinion.

I would probably say fly into Milan and take train to Venice, then to Florence, then go all the way down to Sorrento (do a day trip to the Amalfi Coast and/or Capri while staying in Sorrento), then end up in Rome and fly home from there. Or, vice versa on where you fly in and out of. But more important, I think that anyone who gets to Italy once WILL go back, making it not as critical to do it all this first time!

Sally Watkins, CTC