Subject: Re: First time Italy.
My husband and I just went to Italy for the first time this summer. I know that many people like to do an overview their first time in a place and see many places but spend little time there. We prefer to just go to one or two places and get a better sense of the place.

In June we spent a week in Venice and a week in Florence. We loved Venice. We stayed on the Lido in a small hotel called the Villa Stella. If was just lovely there and we only went to Venice one evening. There was so much to see and do in Venice that the week went very quickly. It was refreshing to stay in a place where you did not have to be concerned with cars, motor scooters or even bicycles. Every where you turn in Venice there is something interesting and lovely to see.

We thought Florence was interesting but a more difficult, crowded place to be. We had planned a day trip to Sienna but ended up not doing that as there was so much in Florence. We did take the city bus up to Fiesole with beautiful views of Florence.

There are so many places to go in Italy it is difficult to decide where to go. We enjoyed our first experience there and plan to go again. We also liked being in a place long enough to really take advantage of it. It seems to me that the real way to do this, if you have the time and money would be to rent a villa or something in the countryside for three months or so--even a month and just take day trips or shorter trips to different places from a headquarter.

Michele Missner