Subject: San Juans vs Australian Hills
Hi John,

No they certainly don't have mountains like that in Australia. This is a very, very old continent. (Nor mountain roads.) The ages have taken their toll. My first ski trip to the Snowys was extremely disappointing. I was in a bus and kept waiting for us to get to the 'mountains'. They never appeared. Only hills. And of course no pine trees, just another variation on the eucalyptus tree - the snow gum. I have come to love it now, but it was quite an adjustment. The Australian alps has a more subtle beauty - well worth visiting, provided you don't have the wrong expectations.

My Australian husband was totally amazed by the San Juan Mountains # He never stopped exclaiming, I've never seen anything like it in my life. (And he had spent most of a season at Chamonix.)

Regards, Connie in Sydney