Subject: Re: Old Town Madrid

> Hi Ziners, This is forwarded from a newsgroup. We thought it might
> interest anyone planning to travel to Madrid. Cheers, Don&Linda

> Lilian Oswald Cruz wrote:I think the Old Madrid is exactly the place to
> stay for a 4 day visit! It is a wonderful place to walk about, close to
> museums and all the sights. It has a trememendous atmosphere, but is
> also the centre of the shopping district, with good tapas bars and
> restaurants. It is as safe, or as dangerous, as any other city where
> tourists are in evidence. You should be careful with your belongings at
> all times, but Madrid is not an agressive city and if you are careful
> you should be all right. Remember that nightlife in Spain begins at 10
> p.m., so there are crowds in the streets until late (or
> early...depending which way you look at it!) I am listing below a few
> hotels in the centre of Madrid, either in, or adjacent to the old town.
> Hotels in Madrid are generally good value, good service and
> comfortable. They follow the star system: 3 star, comfortable; 4 star,
> very comfortable; 5 star, luxury. A 3 star hotel in Madrid usually
> offers more than the equivalent in other countries.