Subject: Re: PORTUGAL
Hi Maans,

Using the 1995 Michelin map we used in Portugal 2 years ago:

> Q1a. I have the Collins map of Spain and Portugal. It would appear from the map that one can drive from Lisbon across the Rio Tejo to Setubal. A: It appears that, on this map, this bridge is under construction.

Q1b. and from Setubal across the Baia de Setubal to Comporto. Is this a correct assumption, i.e. are there road bridges across the water? A: It appears that the mode of transportation is by water, and it looks like it is a car ferry and it does not indicate seasonal traffic.

> Q2. It would appear that one can drive eastwards from south of Oporto along the Douro River towards Pinhao either on the north bank or the south bank of the river. Is the one route better than the other from the point of sight-seeing? A: From this map it appears that the only road is N of the river, and this map also indicates a scenic route. The road does not continually follow the river, though.

> Q3. How long roughly will it take to get through the border posts between Portugal and Galicia in Spain by car? A: From our experience crossing the border near Marvao 2 years ago, the border post was unmanned and desterted. Neither of us can even seeing remember the border post when re-entering Portugal a few miles S near Mourao, in Portugal.

I do recommend that you pay particular attention to no parking zones in small towns. We parked where there were a bunch of cars in Castelo de Vide and evidently we parked just outside the sign and returned to find a parking ticket. This ticket took about 2 hours to pay and cost about 12 USD.

Hope this helps--maybe someone out there has a more recent map.

Gretchen from South Carolina