Subject: San Francisco Budget hotel/B&B?
Any last minute suggestions for a budget hotel in San Francisco? My son leaves on Tuesday to go back to Canada for university (after a year and a half with him living with us in Hong Kong, it's back to an empty nest for me, sniff!).

His routing is via San Francisco and, since he's never been there before, he decided to stay for 2 nights instead of going directly back to Canada. He wants to take in a baseball game (he's a fanatic) and just wander around the city.

But - he hasn't yet found himself a place to stay. I searched the Travelzine archives as well as the old Travel-L archives and didn't find too much that fits student budgets. Of course, I've suggested that HE start searching the hotel sites on the internet and have also given him the info. re. discount booking agencies that Sandra posted a few weeks ago (thanks, Sandra :) ) but .... thought it was worth a try to see if anyone on the 'Zine lives in San Francisco and/or has personal experience with a budget hotel or Bed & Breakfast in the area.

Thanks a bunch,

Judy in Hong Kong