Subject: Re: Seek info re Spain//Offer info re Central Europe
Your bladder CA treatments will probably leave you such that you may tire easily so leave yourself rest days and be sure to walk at home now as much as possible. Be sure to see Seville and the country side nearby.. We found lack of Spanish little problem in the big cities. We used the fast train from Madrid to Seville (middle class price tickets there are 3 tiers ) which was expensive but one of the best travel experiences of our life.. Its so first class you could .cry ,food ,wine ,the servants ,gifts ,movies ,etc .etc ...We took the bus from Seville to Granada 3 hours , cheap , had a toilet.. Madrid outside the Prado wasn't much that we liked - too big. Never saw Barcelona. .We are 60 of age go Europe 4 weeks per year. We pack lighter every year and go cheaper on hotels.

Have a great time!!!!