Subject: Seek info re Spain
To steidley (K.David Steidley):

I'm not really a big fan of Spain but if you return there, be sure to see Barcelona and the nearby areas. Much friendlier and pleasanter for a traveler than Madrid which I found unhelpful and unfriendly to a middle aged, English-speaker, traveling alone. You didn't seem crazy about it either. That was in '85, and I spent a very happy week in Barcelona, enjoying the color, atmosphere, wonderful art museums, magnificent wrought iron work, Gaudy architecture, etc. A totally different atmosphere. Toledo was mysterious and ancient and I then left the country without seeing the south.

Have you been to Portugal? I like it very much; a delight to visit for several days in interesting Lisbon and Estoril, drive into the countryside and stay at fascinating posadas and old inns. Again, I went north out of Lisboa and have not seen the more developed and touristic south. Carol