Subject: Introduction
Bonjour tous!

My name is Diana and I am new to the list as of yesterday. I understand an introduction is in order for new members. I was born and raised in a small town in northeastern France, about 100 km from Paris, to an American GI and his French wife. I hold dual citizenship. After WW2, my father opted to stay in Europe (never returning to the US), working for the military government in Germany for 9 years. He then transferred to a brand new agency of the US government: US AID. What I knew of America, I learned through books and studied English as a foreign language in high school. I continued to live in France until I joined my parents on their new assignment to Belgrade, Yugoslavia. After 7+ years there, it was on to Dakar, Nicosia, Beirut, Ankara, Kabul...just to name a few. I can truly say that coming to the US was a huge culture shock to me. I truly miss all those countries I called home, inspite of the fact that I lived under conflict situations and went thought the evacuation process a couple times. Have not traveled the US nearly enough to suit me. A bientot, Diana