Subject: RE: Lake Como
In reply to Stan's question about Lake Como we were there last year. We stayed in Bellagio on the Lake in a quite nice, slightly shopworn hotel. I'll try and look up the name and send it on tomorrow. You might think about staying across the lake in Varenna. it's smaller and not quite the tourist-commercial center that Bellagio is- though of course it's all tourism in both places. We actually thought Varenna was a prettier town than Bellagio. It's also where the train stops so if you're coming that way you don't have to shlep the bags onto the ferry. You're only about ten minutes by ferry from Bellagio where you might want to go for shopping or dinner.

BTW the best meal we had in Bellagio was at the dining room of the Hotel Firenze - not where we stayed but a nice looking well lcoated hotel.


Rick Kay