Subject: Re: Bellagio
I don't know if a long set of notes I sent someone recently about Bellagio ever reached the 'Ziners, but I do know it well. I prefer the recently renovated Hotel Belvedere to any of those fronting the ferry dock. It's about 1/3 mile up from the center of the village, a lovely walk, and is quiet, beautifully run by a family, and all the rooms face Lake Lecco, most with balconies over the gorgeous arm of L. Como. Chef and food varies a bit from year to year but is usually quite good and all service is very good. It's a favorite with many British travelers, who often form the main group of guests. H. Belvedere has a website, I believe.

I've spent 5-7 days in Bellagio at least 7 or 8 times since 1984, and consider it one of the most beautiful places I've ever traveled to. Great for walking, visiting gorgeous gardens of the villas that are open to the public, and climbing up to mountain villages nearby. Como is my favorite of the lakes and one of the nicest activities is taking the slow ferry all around the lake. I love Varenna, too, but a day there is enough for me. I don't find the out-of-the-town walking as interesting. Carol