Subject: Re: Irvine, California Information Needed
Hi Gary--My daughter and SOL live in Huntington Beach. It's a very nice town, very pretty and also called Surf City because of the good surfing there. Lot's of young people live there. Apartment rents are VERY high anywhere in Southern Calif. and get higher near the beach. Even a mile or two inland makes a big difference cost wise. I grew up in San Diego but live in Dallas and make frequent trips to both San Diego and Huntington Beach. Nearly everything there is less expensive than Dallas EXCEPT real estate. It's absurd! All the cities sort of blend in to each other from Laguna Beach past LA. I never know when I'm leaving one and entering another. He should get a copy of the Orange County paper (can't thing of the name of it--Register maybe?) and look thru it. Also get a map of Orange County so he can orient himself in relation to Irvine. Don't know what costs are where you live but be prepared for sticker shock re: apartments.

Don't know how much help this is but I'll bet he will love the area -- especially HB. Lyn