Subject: Re: Re: Baden-Baden and Freiburg
Hi! Don and Linda: It's been a long time but I remember Baden Baden very well because this trip was like traveling back in time with my sister (not in our time, but in our grandparents time) and we were trying to visit places about which they used to tell us many stories when we were girls. Baden seemed (in our memory) like a magic and sophisticated place where everything romantic happened. They used to tell us about the casino and the gardens and all the famous and infamous people that they had seen there (seen, not met). We were not disappointed because you immediately could see that it had been like that. So we had a wonderful time visiting the casino, which is very elegant and classy. But what we enjoyed the most was walking along the Lichtentaler Allee. It is a beautiful promenade, planted with all kind of flower and old trees, along which ran a small river crossed by white bridges over which you could imagine all those ladies walking under their parasols while the politicians schemed the next wars. And the light! the October light was really beautiful. What I am trying to tell you is that it is not anymore what it was but you could still see what it was. Don't miss it. We tried to go to the Roman Baths but, strangely, even though we could see where they were we could never get there. There was a part of town like a maze and we got lost driving around the same place over and over. We didn't see the castles around the area because we had already seen all the Ludwig castles and that was enough for one trip. The hotel was very small and very old. We got there very late so we couldn't choose, but it was clean and cozy, with full bathroom, and we slept under (or in) eiderdaunes. The only person we saw in attendance was a very old lady who apparently had never seen a credit card so we had to gather and count every mark we had. It was very cheap. The name is: Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten /Garni/ Langestrasse 49 7570 Baden-Baden (07221)22390 I remember we had diner in a very pretty small, sunken? plaza near the hotel.

We didn't visit Freiburg, just drove through it, stopped for a coffee and admired the old plaza with the arches and the multicolored spires. Seemed very picturesque. I am sorry I can't help more. Don't miss Baden-Baden!

Marta in Miami