Subject: Istanbul

> Anxious to hear about Istanbul, the Meze (I know I am not spelling it
> right), and the blackouts--where were they? For the Meze, you could find it at most decent restaurants. We did not make it to Feriyer as my partner got a bad case of food poisioning on our last day in IST (we were planning for a big night out, but I guess his stomach had other plans). Most places have Meze samplers and this is the best way of trying it as you really don't know what to expect. They come either as pastes (lentl paste, eggplant paste, cashew and chickpea paste), or stuffed something (tomato and bell peppers are common), or smoked something (air dried beef, smoked sea bass, beef salami), and cheese and yoghurt. It certainly looks like there are no hard and fast rules for Meze, just the chef's limit in imagination...... As for the blackouts, it happened twice, once in the middle of the night (about 1.30am, the aircon and radio went off, and that got us listening out for any strange movemnts....) and once during the day.

Edmund in Singapore