Subject: La Vilette
I've been to the Parc de la Villette a couple of times, and it's well worth visiting, if you've seen the main attractions of Paris, such as the Louvre, the Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, etc, which are all located more centrally.

La Vilette is located on the northeast edge of Paris. It's a very different kind of park from others in Paris. It's very modern and is the site of the city's science and music museums, as well as an exposition hall.

The science museum is huge and is well worth visiting.

If you are only interested in gardens, and not museums,then I'd pass la Villette up and head straight to the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) on the Left Bank. It's a lovely park for walking and sitting on the benches, watching other people walk by. It's especially nice in the summer, when kids sail model boats in a large pool in the park.

Bons voyages!

Evan DC