Subject: Switzerland
I agree that Murren is a beautiful place to visit, and we love Wengen, just a few kilometers across the Lauterbrunnen Valley. We were there last year the last two weeks of October. While the crowds were missing, many of the hotels and restaurants were closed. In Murren there were 2 hotels open, and one bakery. In Wengen there were 4 hotels open, one restaurant, and one mini-daytime restaurant, the grocery store, and 2 bakeries. One of the bakeries closed as did the mini-restaurant as did one of the hotels before we left on the 30th of October.

We, too, had a holiday apartment, and it was a good thing as we cooked at night. As frequent travelers to Switzerland, we rely heavily on grocery stores to keep our food budget at a reasonable amount. You can do the same by eating out at noon and having sandwiches, etc. at night in a B and B. With cooler temperatures in the mountians refrigeration is not necessary for cheese, meat, bread, etc.

Just talking about Wengen makes me anxious to return. I wrote a travelogue about that village and the area:

When we were there last October we could not do many of the things that we love to do as the mountain trips were not operating. You will see most of them in the travelogue. We did go to the Schilthorn as that trip was operating. We also made trips to Thun and Grindlewald, Kleine Scheidegg, and Interlaken as well as Murren. Kandersteg is beautiful, also, but we did not go there last trip. On another trip we started out in Leichtenstein and stayed in a small hotel in Triesenberg and made a trip to Appenzell and the surrounding areas, and these are beautiful places, too. This was in June of a different year.

While I was looking at what I wrote, there was another travelogue on traveling in the off season and here is that website:

The cities, which are also very picturesque, are more open during the off season. With the Swiss Hotel information website you can check out those places, too.

Gretchen South Carolina