Subject: Provence
For Cinque Terra, you will miss the best towns if you drive. You should drop the car and take train to Monterossa where you will have reserved a room in a nice 3 or 4* hotel. Then take local trains, 1-6 minute trips (!) to see the other 4 lovely old towns, all remote, different, mysterious. Don't try to do them all in 1 or 2 days. You must walk, explore tiny streets, enjoy the absolutely incredible views, eat, sit in cafe-bars over coffee or local wines. Above all, don't rush around. Relax and talk to local people, or you'll miss the whole flavor of the region. After all, until unfortunately discovered by the guidebook writers and TV travel programs, they were almost untouched except by Italians. I first saw them in 1985 and they aren't the same now.

Buon viaggio! Carol