Subject: Bellagio hotel
The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is the super deluxe hotel in the village. There are others with gaiety and charm but that is the 5* one. A terrace lunch there, overlooking the lovely lakes, is heavenly.

However there are several less expensive, good hotels. The very nice Hotel Florence is right on the waterfront in the tourist center of the village, cafe right along the promenade. That part of town is always full of people in season, with a row of outdoor cafes fronting all the shops along the waterfront. It also is near most of the restaurants and other hotels.

I prefer the quieter Hotel Belvedere, 3*, on the web, not more than a 1/2 mile walk away from the center of town and above the tourist noise and clatter. Beautiful swimming pool, good dining room right over the lake, balconies to most rooms with beautiful lake views. There are very nice standard rooms with balconies and gorgeous views, and now there are also newly refurbished rooms that really are very good...better than they should be in a 3* hotel. Many British visitors so the atmosphere is a bit quiet, but friendly with people chatting in the lounges over coffee or drinks after dinner. Mainly middle-aged clientele. Very fine service and run by a very fine local family who live on the premises and make it all run very smoothly.

I've stayed there 6 or 7 times, at least. Bellagio is open essentially April thru October; don't even think of going before or after or nothing will be open.