Subject: Stratford upon Avon
I recently stayed 4 weeks in Stratford upon Avon, the town where Shakespeare was born. Why 4 weeks in Stratford ? Well, actually I didn't choose Stratford, Stratford chose me! Three month ago I had decided to improve my English following an English course in England. In order to save money I had decided to work in a hotel or hostel, in this way I can get a free accommodation! Because the work in a hotel is too formal I had decided to work in a hostel. I had started to send e_mail a every hostel in England until the Stratford Backpackers answer at my e_mail. Stratford upon Avon is a small lovely town with a delicious park along the Avon river. I enjoyed my holiday in Stratford moreover I enjoyed stay in the hostel because I met many person from all country in the world and I got new friends. When I was living Stratford I asked at manager a reference letter because I decided to remake this great experience in an other town in future! I'm quite new in using hostel but it really is the better way to meet people from all the world who like meet other people.

BTW, Who are looking for a budget accommodation in Stratford don't forget Stratford Backpackers; it is clean, many rooms have got a private shower, it has got internet facility and it is very well located but, over all, has got a very friendly staff. Address: Stratford upon Avon Backpackers Hotel 33, Greehill St. Tel. 01789 263838

And say hello for me at Chris, Steph, Gill, Toby, Drew and Oliver (the hostel staff)!

Marco Milan - Italy