Subject: Bellagio, Italia
I heartily second the recommendation of the Hotel Belvedere--it is well-run, offers gorgeous views, and is a good value. I haven't been there since the new building was added, but the rooms in the center of the main building with private patios overlooking the lake are large, and the patios make for some of the best sunrise/sunset viewing you'll ever experience.

To comment on a post of about 1-2 weeks ago to the effect that the Italian Lakes region, while beautiful, is rather sleepy in terms of activity--yes, that's true. However, even if one is embarking on a see-the-sights tour of Italy, it is worth remembering that Lake Como, et al. are within an hour of Milan's Malpensa airport. Thus, if Milan is your point of entry into Italia from a far away place, the relaxing lakes constitute an ideal spot for a 1-2 day layover to recover from pre-trip crazies/jet lag before launching into the more hectic pace of sightseeing. Or reverse it--if you're like me and generally come home needing a vacation from your vacation, the lakes are a perfect place to veg out the last day or two of your trip.

Diana Houston, TX