Subject: Re: Re: Hotel Portoghese, Roma
Hi D&L, wherever you are -- No, although it's not my favorite hotel in the world; I return to the Portoghese for the wonderful neighborhood and efficiency of my single room. As I just wrote someone else, I last stayed there before Elderhostel in 1997, I think, and I think they are in better shape. I've always found it clean, although not especially friendly. That year the new young man had made it much easier to get info in English and I enjoyed it more. I really don't want to pay Rome prices. For me, the Hotel P is just fine. When I write, I always remember I am a returning guest so maybe they give me a better room. And they always give me a discount, too.

There is another, larger, probably more expensive 3* not far away, in the same neighborhood. Is it il Due something? I think it's probably a little more with it, but I haven't seen the guest rooms. And of course, the gorgeous, 4*+ Raphael (?) is also nearby. I'd love to stay there but am too tight!! It reminds me of the Monna Lisa in Firenze. Do you know the one I mean?

I just saw you delle Muse -- it looks absolutely lovely and I will try it sometime, but Parioli is so far away from where I want to be. It's too much hiking! Tell me if I'm wrong. I think it's near the Vatican and also, maybe, villa Borghese. Si? Carol