Subject: Re: Thailand
Welcome back, Simona, and I know it's very tough to reculturate after the Far East. I love Thailand, too. Was there alone for 2 weeks in 1985 (illegally long but they were very nice at immigration there and just said Is OK, No problem! several times when I was horrified at them saying You stay too long!) West again with a very compatible Elderhostel group in 1997f (a wonderful way to see Thailand if you are eligible -- far better than the average commercial tour). I was exhausted after the trip and allowed myself 3 or 4 days to recupperate at the absolutely incredible Oriental Hotel -- what a wonderful experience that is, and they gave me a discounted rate. I saw a much different city then, during the early days of the big economic slump.

Also stayed a week in Hong Kong then, at the wonderful YMCA next to the Peninsula Hotel. Had a marvelous time, but how HKG has changed from 1985! Almost all of the wonderful old corners have disappeared into huge skyscrapers - some great modern architecture. Judy in HKG, I'm sure you can tell us more about all that. Carol

Anxious to hear about your trip; please let us know when you write up some notes.