Subject: Motorway services
A somewhat unusual request, Ziners. I'm searching (thus far without any success) for a photograph(s) of what the British call a motorway services facility. That is, one of those very large service stations which span a divided freeway. The type which has a station on each side of the highway with a bridge (well up in the air) from one unit to the other, laterally perpendicular to the roadway. They usually contain a restaurant, gift shop, auto accessories store, or florists.

Our City Council is looking for a development project for property straddling I-5 so it occurs to me that the mentioned facility might be worthy of consideration.

If any Ziner has a picture of a station and could scan it to me it would be most helpful. Thus far I have not been able to find one on the web pages of ADAC, AA, RAC, Elf, Aral, Agip, etc., etc.


Norm in Oregon