Subject: ROME-Hotel Due Torri-Hotel delle Muse
Hi Carol,

> There is another, larger, probably more expensive 3* not far >away, in the same neighborhood. Is it il Due something? I >think it's probably a little more with it, but I haven't seen >the guest rooms.

Yes, we know the Due Torri and we have seen the rooms. A Ziner friend of ours has stayed there on two occasions and, though her room was small, she was satisfied.

> It reminds me of the Monna Lisa in Firenze. Do you know the >one I mean?

No, we don't. Perhaps another Ziner could comment.

> I just saw your delle Muse -- it looks absolutely lovely and I >will try it sometime, but Parioli is so far away from where I >want to be. It's too much hiking! Tell me if I'm wrong. I >think it's near the Vatican and also,maybe, villa Borghese. Si?

Even further - probably not suitable for you since it would be too big of a hike if traveling solo. Your best bet would definitely be in the central city in our opinion.

We recommended the delle Muse in response to the recent query for a hotel with the possibility of car parking. The other important thing the delle Muse deserves credit for is warm and genuinely caring management by the Lazar family, which owns the hotel.

From TORONTO, Linda and Don