Subject: Re: Driving to Hotel Belvedere, Bellagio
Hi Stan,

We've got to jump in here to tell you that your decision to drive may prove to be *way* more an ordeal than taking the bus, train and ferry. FWIW, while we were there, we met some people who had driven to Bellagio and they were so horrified at the prospect of having to do it again to get out of there.

We took the train to Varenna and the ferry ride was a breeze. You might like to grab a cab up to the Belvedere when you arrive with your luggage, but after that you'll have no problem walking from the hotel to the center of town.

While you're giving love, please give ours to Tiziana. She is an absolutely charming woman - very anxious to please. If you've not already read about our visit to Bellagio and Como, you can do so at . In fact, recent events may have prevented Tiziana from having time to read what we wrote so you might like to make a note of that URL to be able to show it to her on their computer. Thank you.

Hope that helps. You'll love Bellagio - have a fabulous time!

Don and Linda Toronto