Subject: Re: Porto Pozzo, Sardegna
Hi Ziners, Thought you might have some interest in reading a friend's impressions of this off-the-beaten track area of Sardegna. Linda&Don

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My holidays were very nice. We were on the Smerald cost of Sardegna-you probably heard about Porto Cervo .......the most expensive place in Sardegna......ok...we were not there!!!!!but not so far from there approx.30 minutes by car.

Our place was a small village on the sea called Porto Pozzo. It is ideal only to people (like me) that has a Gommone which is a plastic boat-approx. 5 meter and 50 centimenter with a good engine. With this we could go all around the Islands in front of us.

Everyday was another Plaja and the sea is BLUE BLUE with fantastic colour. I wanted to go around in Sardegna but it is too big so this time we have made the north east part and next time we will see.

But also for who like the sea is nice just you cannot see so many things as we would see. Small town around us were S.Teresa di Gallura and Palau-approx. 15 minutes by car each of them.

There is also a famous USA NAVY base there, in front of Palau in La Maddalena Island, i thing UBOOT with nuclear weapons, so you see all around many ships with USA flags or cars with written AFI American Force Italy and so on.