Subject: Re: San Zeno di Montagna
Hi Ziners, Here's another excerpt from an email we thought you'd enjoy reading. Do we really need more places on our wish list? Cheers, Linda

We met our friend Jeff in Florence. He has some Italian family who live in a mountain town in the Italian Alps on a lake called Lago di Garda (in August it is full of Austrians and Germans). He invited us to come with him. The town is called San Zeno di Montagna after one of the only black Catholic saints (he is famous from the Madonna like a prayer video where, to the dismay of the Catholic community she blasphemously kisses a black saint).

The town is about 1 hour (half of which is up a mountain) from Venice and 35 minutes to Verona. We stayed with them for about 5 days. They are AMAZING! We were cooked beautiful meals every afternoon and evening. 2 hour lunches and four hour dinners. Dinners would have about 6 different wines (one different for each course including at least 2 for dessert). I have never had a better time!

They even rented us our own little apartment! In fact, there were three families. The fathers were brothers. One brother is a butcher (sadly I don't eat meat but he did give freshly chopped raw meat--ground right before our eyes--to Simone, my dog) and he and his wife own a small supermarket--so we had all our supplies (down to razors and stamps!). Another brother is a baker--so we had gorgeous fresh bread and croissants for breakfast and other bread, and those thin breadsticks, little pizzette and tiramisu and other desserts daily! The third brother is the dean of vet medicine at the university of but he specializes in cheese production--it goes without saying that we had some very incredible cheese.

Now if that isn't enough, they all have these gorgeous houses overlooking this incredible lake surrounded by the Italian Alps! We saw a solar eclipse there (actually only half because we slept in a bit too late). We swam in the crystal clear lake. We even went to Verona for a little tourism. It was unbelievable. I kept wondering when I was going to wake up.