Subject: Hotel in Boston
Mike -- I think Callie is talking about something different -- not just a place to find a hotel name and price range, but a place to find comments from real, live people who have stayed in that place and can make comments from that stay...probably even some who can tell what room numbers to ask for!

As a very specific example: years ago I was staying in a hotel room at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, with three friends. After several hours we realized that some of us were going to the left side of the room to get to the bathroom, while some of us were going to the right side of the room to get to the bathroom. Turns out that the one normal-sized room did have TWO bathrooms, the result of a renovation that turned two tiny rooms into one larger bedroom, and kept both baths; there were 10 or so of those in the hotel, in fact. Since then, I have been able to tell families who were going to stay there to make sure to get one of the rooms with two bathrooms.

Sally Watkins, CTC