Subject: Bio
Hello, Ziners--

I'm new to the list and am not much for imparting personal information. However, as it is the custom, here goes.

My German wife and I live in Oregon where she manages two travel agencies. Since I'm retired we get to do a little traveling. Most recent; a two week cruise to Alaska from Vancouver, BC. My favorite; Chile.

A trip for first time auto travelers to Canada. Unlike a handful of years ago, Canada Customs can be most unpleasant. DO NOT have a law enforcement or firearms association decal on your vehicle. To have one is to virtually guarantee that your vehicle will be tossed while you are forcefully interrogated. Having been alerted to the situation by Canadian associates I ensured that none were showing when we drove to Vancouver and had no problems. Local friends have learned the hard way.

Anyone planning to drive to British Columbia may contact me privately for information about a secure place at the boarder to deposit items which are forbidden in Canada. The same for super-secure auto storage in Burnaby.

As to Chile, it has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world from the torrid desert of the north to the sub-antarctic of the south. Our favorite is the Lake District (locate Puerto Montt/Puerto Varas on your map). It is on the 43th parallel with weather, flora, and fauna similar to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Sparsely populated, the people are friendly and the prices reasonable. Unlike Europe, few people speak English though a few are fluent in German. Otherwise it is all Chilean Spanish. Medical services outside of the capitol, however, are fifty+ years behind North America and Europe. It's a long airplane ride from Miami to get there but well worth the effort.

Norm Cobb Keizer, Oregon