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<< The other important thing the delle Muse deserves credit for is warm and genuinely caring management by the Lazar family, which owns the hotel.

Hi D&L - Speaking of good families who run hotels, do you know the 3* Pensione Pendini right on p. Republica (I think), Firenze -- where the fashionable cafes Giubbe Rose and 2 others are -- directly across from Hotel Savoy. That, too, is run beautifully by a lovely family. It's upstairs in a building and overlooks the big piazza, has very pleasant rooms, very clean, furnished with old 3* furnishings, excellent breakfast in a very pleasant room and even better service and information. The whole family is on the premises running the show every day, and they work very hard.

They also have the 4* Ritz, right on the river Arno, and are busy getting a new 3* in good order, the Basilia. They have a very good website with lots of Florence info which I can't seem to find now. The Pendini is in most good guidebooks. OK, I just found the website
>> << Check it out; the Abulaffios are wonderful people and it's a very comfortable, clean, central place to stay. Non-glamorous, no garden, I think they have a parking connection. It's a very good 3* place to stay, a very good value and helpful service. Also, usually no groups.

Enjoy Israel! I think you should be there for the Holidays. All things good to you and yours....... Carol