Subject: Re: dining in Asheville

This is the height of the fall coloring and there will be crowds in the NC mountains at that time. I checked with my husband and all we could come up with that would relate to local atmosphere would be if the porch at the Grove Park Inn would be open for lunch. Worth a phone call. Even if it is not open, a trip to inspect this marvel of a building would be a must. We used to go there to OOH and Ahh over it and attempt to contemplate just how this place was built with stone fireplaces large enough for standing up (in) and wide enough to take a good sized tree trunk.

The last few times we were up there the porch was not open for dining and we were diappointed. I don't remember the exact quality of the food, but the view was impressive and the hotel is a historical ediface.

Most of our favorite dining places have closed so when we go there we just eat wherever and enjoy the views. I don't know if the Biltmore House has a restaurant, but maybe some of the Ziners would know about that. That would be another place of loical interest.

Sorry I could not be of more help and we live 2.5 hours from there and go there a lot. Incidently, the Tops for Shoes store downtown carries many shoes not usually available anywhere such as chain department stores. That part of the trip usually breaks our budget when we find marvelous shoes--not big sales, though.

Gretchen from South Carolina