Subject: Re: Las Vegas
Hi Pat,

If you're going to do Hoover Dam (yes it's a must), and have a car, I would also recommend driving North of Vegas to the Valley of Fire, (you'll fly over it coming in to Vegas). It's a wonderful place to go for some interesting hikes (if you like that sort of things) and check out some spectacular rock formations, as well as ancient indian petroglyphs.

In terms of things to see in Vegas, definitely go see the pirate battle out side of Treasure Island. I don't know what types of food you like and what your budget is....but our favourite places to eat are:

Ristorante Riva (Italian, in the Mirage) moderate to expensive...add the exchange and call it pricey!

The Plank (Continental, in Treasure Island) moderate and very nice. If you really want to splurge...try the Buccaneer Bay club...private elevator to the 'town' that overlooks Botany Bay in front of the Hotel.

Emerils (Seafood, Cajun) in the MGM Grand....outstanding..pricey but worth it!!

Lilly Langtree (Golden Nuggett) great chinese food, and a good excuse to go check out the Fremont Street experience. The Golden Nuggett is also one of our favourite hotels; old, classy, with great service.

All of the hotels will have buffets...they're all very good, and reasonably priced, ideal for breakfast and lunches.

Also, go to the forum shops at Caesars Palace...check out the sky (it changes on a less than 24 hr cycle) and the central fountain...where the statues literally come to's extraordinary...yes a bit 'cheesy' but hey...we're talking Vegas where trash and treasure go together.

Have a great time.

John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario CANADA