Subject: Re: Las Vegas
Hi, The Fremont St light show is worth going to. I would suggest renting a car for one to two days. There is public transportation but sometimes the trolley is full to capacity. Most of the hotels/casinos that you would want to see are on the Strip near your hotel. There are a lot of free shows to see, ie the Pirate Ship Battle at Treasure Island, the Volcano at the Mirage (Next door to Treasure Island. Treasure Island also has Cirque de Soleil, I believe the new Bellagio also has a show by Cirque de Soleil. The show is definitely worth the money. I actually preferred the show to Sigfried and Roy which is probably the most famous of the two. You can make reservations in advance some of the shows. The rental car will come in handy for going to see the light show. I don't feel as safe in downtown Las Vegas vs the Strip, so a rental car will come in handy for that as well as casino/hotel hopping. Restaurants aren't any problem at all. Most hotels have buffets and moderately priced restaurants. There is more than a fair share of expensive ones as well. Let me know what type your looking for and I can give you recommendations. Good Luck!