Subject: Italy Trains
For those coming to italy:
>From 10 september FS have updated they discount policy so there are three discount card available, interesting mainly for those making long trips or traveling first class: Every one cost 40000 ITL (21 Euros) and is valid for one people: These are: Carta Argento: issued only to people above 65 years, entitle a 20% discount on basic fare of 2nd class and 40% on basic fare of 1st class Carta prima: Available to everyone, entitle a 30% discount on the global fare (That is both basic fare,supplements and reservation if this is customary) on 1st class only

Also you can buy (except 18/12 to 11/1 ) a small-group ticket that entitle you a 30% discount on basic fare and IC supplement. If you are 10 or more there is a discount also on reservation fees.