Subject: Jaca and Skiing
Thanks Covadonga! Great info.

The airfare from San Diego, California to Madrid and Barcelona (our preferred gateway) has already dropped to $460rt. Our goal is around $350rt. A rate which it fell to last winter. Once it gets to that point we'll be buying. Most likely we'll be coming around the middle to last part of March.

I've been skimming through the Eyewitness Guide to Spain. In fact, I started reading it from cover to cover two nights ago. Much to the chagrin of my wife Sara who pointed out that we are leaving for a ten-day trip to Morelia & Michoacan, Mexico tonight. I promised her I would not even think of Spain while in Mexico (except in a historical context, of course).

As far as skiing goes, my brother who lives in the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Colorado called to tell me he awoke yesterday to find the surrounding peaks dusted with the first snow of the year. September 16 (my birthday, by the way) and I'm already feeling the first anticipatory excitement of the coming season.

I'm going no-mail later today for the next ten days. When i get back I'll start picking your brain with questions about your lovely country.

Until then, John Rule San Diego, CA