Subject: Abruzzo and other goals
Add Vicenza and Padova, that are in the area and worth really a visit. Try also to spend a saturday afternoon in one medium to small town About where to stay are you alone/couple/smallgroup ... if you are alone you could also try to stay in hostels, surely you will meet more people than staying in large hotels. About the note of LF when I said that I enjoyed more Abruzzo by cycle than by car, and she replied that by car it would be easier to reach small hill town, I have to add that by cycle you can reach any of such town, while by car you have to stay outside, also you would enjoy more at a slower pace, having time to look at any particular, without being forced to move along the traffic in a narrow route. I remeber there when we had to park the cycles for the night: the hotel did not have a garage, but the owner accompanied us to a small storage room that he had a couple of blocks apart, and while walking he told us a lot of things, a thing he would not have done if we would be arrived by car.