Subject: UK rentals
Re the apartment in St. Katherine's Dock area....we were about a 10 minute or so walk to the Tower tube station, which is right next to the Tower, of course. We had no trouble getting around from there....we take the tube everywhere anyway. We felt very safe in that location....and for that stay it was just our college (at the time) age daughter and myself. Get a tube map from the British Tourist Authority and take a look at what you want to do and where it is, that is the best way to determine for yourself if it will be convenient. Re Hamlet UK, I can recommend them without reservation.

Re the rental place in Bath, email me privately, and I will see if I still have info on that. I look for rentals in the British tourist magazines, Realm, and British Heritage, start writing/faxing/calling/emailing months ahead....have never had a bad one once I do my homework.

Re Scotland, we have never been able to locate many rental properties. In Edinburgh, I can highly recommend the Crown Plaza on the Royal Mile, expensive but worth it to be able to look out on the Royal Mile, and so very convenient!