Subject: Mexico
Hi Flavio! We've been having a great time. Last Wed. night, less than a week after our arrival, we took part in the big celebration that was held in the streets downtown, in celebration of the Mexican Independence day the following day. There were CROWDS of people, everyone wearing VIVA MEXICO hats, and spraying each other with foam (the cans of which are sold specially on that night). Many were also throwing egg shells filled with flour (these dubious activities are tradition at this celebration). The president comes out on the balcony at 11pm (this happens every year) for El Grito (the shout): VIVA MEXICO! (and other various shouts), amidst the cheers and flag-waving of the thousands of people in the square below, and then the fireworks begin.

The next evening, barely a week after our arrival, we had dinner with a Mexican family. A few years ago I exchanged some email with a guy from Travel-l (the now defunct travel list) who was from Mexico City. Before leaving Rome, I managed to get in touch with him via email again, and called him when we arrived. He and his family (he lives with his parents and sister) invited us over for dinner. A real Mexican dinner! Not only did we have a FANTASTIC meal, but we had wonderful company and an exciting evening, learning all about Mexico from our hosts who were anxious to tell us about their country (seeing how enthusiastic we were about learning).

Not a bad start for us in Mexico, eh? Ciao for now. Laurie in Mexico