Subject: Travel Books
Hi I was wondering if anyone has read the following books about others peoples travel

1. 'Across the Top' by Sorrel Wilby: a fascinating account of Sorrel and her husband's attempt to become the first people to walk the entire length of the Himalaya Range. This book will enthral the armchair traveller and inspire those on their way to the Himalaya.

2. 'The Wrong Way Home' by Peter Moore: I couldn't put this book down. It tells the tale of Peter's journey along the old hippy trail from London to Sydney overland. Just don't read it in public if you'd prefer not to be caught laughing out loud!

I have checked up and there are no ratings and they do not have an ISBN #. I was looking to get some more information on such as what do you think of these books if you had read them and the publisher name if possible. T Cobban London, Canada