Subject: Re: RE: 2 weeks vacation in USA
Hi Ziners, Debbie here. Yes yes yes...If anyone wants to send signatures, or e-mails, I will forward them to Arthur Frommer who seems to be at the head of the movement to increase vacation time for Americans. I am serious about this. Does anyone read Frommer's Budget Travel magazine? I was shocked, but in the Letters column, several US writers actually objected to giving Americans more vacation time. Also, I would think that the travel industry would really be getting behind this...My daughter wrote a paper on the subject for her college writing course. We did some internet research that showed us that we in the US get less vacation time than citizens in almost any other industrialized nation. I also want to say that I taught my first session of my Budget Travel in Europe with Comfort this past Tuesday and it was a huge success. The class was loaded with interesting travellers and we shared lots of info and stories. Now, can anyone suggest topics for next week??? Thanks, Debbie in PGh