Subject: RE: travel class
Dining cheaply: We've all talked about the 'picnic' concept to save money. Here is a little idea to put some fun and adventure into it. If traveling with a few friends or a group. Send everyone one out on a 'scavenger hunt' through the open markets and back street pattisseries, etc each with a generic category of food(s) to obtain. All meet back at a central park or other location with your 'finds'. Relate your experiences and tales while sharing your picnic. Have everyone 'collect' the name and home town of the merchant/vendor that sold them the items. That gets everyone to talk to the locals and opens up a chance at a story to relate later.

Talk to the local working people (laborers) of the area you are in. Where do they go to have their midday meal? You can bet its hardy and cheap. (Does that correlate to the truck stop theory in the U.S.?)

Make your main meal the midday one. Most European cities restaurants are more expensive at night. Just have tapas or the picnic in the evening.

Pris fixe meals are often a better value deal than ala carte.

Often I chose lodgings that include a full breakfast, thusly skipping the midday meal and saving room for one of my favorite activites - the afternoon coffee/pastry break :-)

There must be a million other little tips everyone else can offer you.

Cynthia Kilian