Subject: Re: RE: 2 weeks vacation in USA
No, Cynthia, you're human - and one who has had the taste of 6 weeks vacation a year. When I left Italy in July, I left my U.N. job with 6 weeks vacation a year (I'm only on leave without pay, but we won't be going back to Italy). I might sound frivolous, but after having 6 weeks vacation a year for the last 15 years, now the main thing I'm looking for in a job here in Mexico is to continue having 6 weeks vacation a year (so I'm applying to all the U.N. offices here!). If I can't get it, I'll settle for 4 weeks, but I'm too spoiled to settle for less! And unfortunately, here in Mexico it's like the rest of North America: 2 weeks a year. :-(

Laurie in Mexico