Subject: Mexican Ice Cream and I'm Back
Hello all!

Just got back yesterday from our ten-day sojourn through the Mexican state of Michoacan. Absolutely fantastic! Travelogue will begin soon. But, for now, I'm catching up on what's been discussed and throwing in my 2 cents worth. Please excuse the lateness of my response I was off traveling and, after all, that is what we do.

Laurie wrote:
>Yup! Now I have to try a Mexican ice cream (although I hear that it's
> not very good).

You've been given some bum information. Gelato it is not but the Mexicans know how to make ice cream and other cold confections. You'll find them called helado, nieve, or paletas. Helado and nieve are somewhat interchangeable denoting ice cream or fruit ices whereas paletas are always on a stick. Ice cream stores are called neverias and sell all the products above plus more. Look for La Flor de Michoacan and you'll find fine Mexican ice cream.

Some of my favorite paletas are coco (creamy coconut), cajeta (caramel; on this last trip in Morelia we found a creamy caramel-flavored ice cream bar that had been split and filled with caramel, Sara almost expired on the spot), and tuna (no, not the fish but instead the fruit from the nopal cactus. It has a taste similar to a salty watermelon.) And of course all the tropical fruits.

Laurie, when you make your first trek to La Merced (Mexico City's largest market) you'll find ice cream stands selling homemade ice cream made on-the-spot.

There are an incredible array of flavors. Every trip I encounter a new favorite.

John Rule San Diego, CA