Subject: RE: My 50th
Another vote for the Cdn. Rockies (but coming from, admittedly, a biased source)! Moraine Lake Lodge is lovely. Another place I recommend that is a little further west is Emerald Lake Lodge (Field BC - just west of Lake Louise). I stayed there when they had really rustic cabins way back in 1973 and, when I moved to Calgary the next year, spent many enjoyable hiking days in the vicinity over the years. It's always been my favourite Lake in the Rockies and, since they upgraded the lodge - I had some wonderful gourmet meals there. Then my (now) husband lured me away from Calgary in '94 and my compromise was to have our honeymoon at Emerald Lake. It was -40 degrees celcius and it was a winter wonderland (with warm, roaring fire in our room overlooking the lake). Absolutely the most beautiful lakeside spot in the world - winter or summer.

Of course... for something completely different ... you could come to Asia. There are LOTS of wonderful places I could recommend over here!

Judy in Hong Kong