Subject: travel to cuba
dear Bill in Baltimore

I agree with Alan. Why go to Cuba?. The foreign hotels there are marvelous. The food is first class and the shops, if you have dollars, will sell you anything you want. IF YOU ARE A TOURIST.

None of the money you spend will the cuban people ever get to enjoy. They still live in squallor, drive 1959 chevy's (one of the last year's the US imported cars to Cuba) and.....well I could go on and might have guessed I was born there and lived there the first 12 years of my life. Travel to Cuba is a sore spot with me. I would not give Fidel one US dollar for all the tea in Tibet.

By the way, It is illegal for US citizens to go to Cuba. There is still a US embargoWe do not have an embassy in Cuba and if you stray from the provided tourist areas (where you could see how the othe side lives) you will be in trouble. There are so many plces in the US you could do a bike tour. In the fall, with those leaves turning a myriad of colors, why go anywhere else??

PS : Hurracaine Irene did quite extensive damage in Cuba

Marta and George from Sunrise FL