Subject: Re: Malta

I have posted this message to Travelzine, but it couldn't go through.

Ms.Jennifer Merkel among other things wanted information about the fall:...

For example, what will the weather be like? Will it be warm enough to swim? Will it be warm enough to golf? What sort of activities are there for large groups (if you know)? What restaurants are popular? Are there any must see activities?

First of all, if we have nothing else to talk about here in Malta, we surely have the weather. Even though January and February are considered to be the coldest months, the temperature rarely goes below 13 degrees. A sweater or a light jacket will usually suffice to keep out the cold. If the weather is bad and there is some rain, this normally lasts 2 days at most. Fine days in winter are not the exception but rather the rule and I can tell you, they are really something, cool and bright and the countryside is green and newly washed.

About the Hotel, the Westin Dragonara, I'll be in touch with them to get you the information that you want. I know that they have indoor swimming pools and outdoor ones. About swimming in the sea, I don't know. I wouldn't dream of it in January, but perhaps you Canadians are accustomed to the cold *s*. At the hotel, they have a vast conference centre and other outside venues where you can meet. Golf you can play, but not in the St.Julians area.

Be back later, with more information.