Subject: Re: Re: Slovenia
Hi! I believe that it was 1993. The dust had cleared and the Yugoslavian had withdrawn a year or two before. Pockmarks from bullets were evident in buildings and the army invasion was played down. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Ljubljana. There weren't many choices then. We thoroughly enjoyed the city and spent several days there. We never felt scared or threatened at all. The people were friendly and I remember that down by the bridge [forget the name] people were selling Russian army uniforms, medals, and other objects some with pictures of Lenin. Had a great time there and my wife still talks about how surprised she was at the city itself and its people. We had been to Budapest the year before and the condition of the city at then time was pretty bad. The soot and grime on the buildings, pieces of concrete missing etc. We had expected the same thing and was very surprised. We then drove to the cave at Postojna and the Castle Predjamski Grad. The sights were both very interesting especially the cave. We then drove to the Slovene Istria on the border with Italy. We stayed at a really wonderful hotel on the Adriatic Sea. The hotel had a terrace in the room, all whitewashed with blue and white tiles. It faced the Adriatic Sea and it was great. The hotel was in Piran. a really lovely place. Piran was formally part of Italy and is a fishing town also. Many of its restaurants are Italian as well as its architecture. Italians come over in their boats and buy alcohol at its duty free shop. The owners will only sell wine, etc., to Italians from the yachts and smaller boats. Very good wine from the region that we bought also. We really enjoyed that vacation. We recently returned from the Czech Rep. That's another story for another time. Except that it was great and VERY inexpensive. alan