Subject: Re: Western Canada queries
Louise Lewisson was asking: (same questions she asked last year on the Travel-L list)

So I'll quote the answer I gave at that time, regarding accommodation: There are three possibilities along the Parkway: Num-ti-jah Lodge, 36 kilometers north of the Parkway junction with the Trans-Canada Highway (3 kilometers west of Lake Louise); Saskatchewan River Crossing Resort - resort is perhaps overdone for the location, 77 kilometers north of the junction. Saskatchewan River Crossing is the *only* spot between Lake Louise and Jasper for gas. The third is the Icefield Chalet at about the mid-point, 126.6 kilometers north of the junction. There's not much accommodation on the Parkway at all.

There are also quite a number of youth hostels and campgrounds along the route.

Sunwapta Falls is fine, but it's very close to Jasper, so you might as well include it in that category.

As for accommodation in Jasper, I haven't been there in quite a while, but I used to stop at the Athabasca Inn. You can get most of the information you want at and by following the links there.

Very Highly Recommended: Parkways of the Canadian Rockies by Brian Patton pub. 1982 by Summerthought, Ltd. (P.O. Box 1420, Banff, Alberta, Canada T0L 0C0) ISBN0-919934-19-6 My copy is the third edition, 1988, but I know there are others more recent.

The book gives interpretive outlines, mile-by-mile (kilometer-by-kilometer) for many different drives through four of the national parks in the Canadian Rockies. You can buy this book (and others) through the web site above, probably through the mail, or from lots of shops in Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper. Even some of the tourist or book shops in Calgary and Edmonton usually have copies.

Less than a week before I'm off myself to spend the winter with my dog in northeastern Thailand - I'll be going to no-mail over the weekend.

Hope this info helps, Louise. Anything else, email me on the list or privately, but do it quickly :-)

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